Disabled achievers

<"Life as a disabled person has taught me to be tough and given me the energy to push on with life however difficult it may seem". Those are the words of Ms Lucy Chesy, a physically challenged lady whose determination has seen her manage work, business and a gospel singers group in Mombasa.

Chesy is one of the many disabled people who work and live at the Bombolulu Workshop and Cultural Center in Mombasa.

The sales Supervisor has not forgotten the rough road she and her two other sisters with similar physical disabilities faced while growing up. The 7th born in a family of 10 says her father was their mentor and the pillar out of which they developed the courage to face life as dwarfs with physical challenges.

There were neighbors who asked their father to stop wasting money on their education and teachers who often gave other people merit that belonged to them in assumption that the disabled cannot do so well in class.

"I remember in Primary School I made the best dress in handwork class and it was selected for display at the Kakamega Agriculture Society of Kenya Show but the teacher took it away from me and gave it to her daughter who was later awarded a certificate. It hurts me to date", says Chesy. And when their elder sister who is physically fit got married, some villagers went to her matrimonial home to warn the family against marrying from the 'wrong' family with so many disabled people.

It was out of their parents love that the three sisters managed to do well in School and graduate with high grades which have enabled them hold senior positions at their places of work.

Today the three dwarf and disabled sisters who hail from Goye village in Vihiga district are self reliant and even support some of their family members ."Most disabled people are denied opportunities just because of their disability, but I have never given up since I know my future rests in the hands of God", she adds.

And it is for the love of God that Chesy developed interest in a local gospel singers group and decided to assist them.

She keeps on reminding the 12 member Wasani and The Son group that era when local artists waited for foreign well-wishers support in developing their talents has passed.

She hopes to come up with a recording studio for the group and later on search for talents in the remote areas.

"We have many people with great talents that are not explored and developed due to poverty" adds Chesy.


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